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For some time I was interested in chopper bicycles. No clue why, just saw a home made one and realized I could cut up my old mountain bike and do the same. Built a couple and started a couple and left it at that but was fun while it lasted.


I built a couple chopper type bicycles with the best one in my opinion being the OK Cruiser bike shown here.

Build information on OK Cruise

I actually played with a little 16" version first to get the concept figured out and called it the  Mini Road Chopper. Nothing special but was an easy build.

The build information for the Mini can be found here.


Trials and Others

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I became a bit intersted in the chopper world but noticed other builders as well at the chopper bicycle forum so tried building some a little different. Like an old style cafe racer or something.

Not overly rideable but thought it looked cool at least. It's rotting away in the yard now.
MB Racer Build Page can be found here

I Tried Trials - Tried and tried but never suceeded. Was run times though as well and never got hurt badly which is surprising.

A little more about this bike and my attempts are here

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